Property Inspections Sydney

Want building or Property Inspection Sydney to be undertaken? Do you want to speak to a Sydney house inspector about the structural inspections and methods? What are the property inspection essentialities involved in residential, commercial and pre purchase inspections for properties in Sydney?

In Sydney, if you are looking for a reliable property services company and you are really not sure whom to make contact with or you want a friend to recommend a service or a company who engages in property inspections, you maybe give a couple leads or contacts of people or companies who carry out property inspection Sydney.

And in that after having checked and verified you may contact us, Linkom Pty Ltd to carry out any of the requisite services you seek in the areas of structural building, pre purchase, and property inspections to satisfy the many findings and assessments.

So let’s delve further to finding out what is the end-to-end residential and commercial property inspection services that we offer to all our esteemed clients’ in and around Sydney?

Building Inspections

  • A new or an old house construction inspections that are carried out to determine the construction building quality, structural integrity and to be aware about the overall status of the property, that is if you have made the right buy or should buy it or if problems would surface later.
  • After a detailed structural Inspection the reports and information is collated and submitted to clients.
  • Any type of renovation inspections undertaken either before a proposed renovation or after completion of the same. This is basically to check if the property is fit for renovation or if the renovation carried out was a good one.
  • Any pre purchase property inspections and reports which are carried out for clients’ before they make a property investment or want to buy an existing house or New home in Sydney and want it inspected thoroughly.
  • If you face any issues in your building, then our inspector will carry out a thorough investigation and submit reports.
  • Any type of Property strata inspections, work schedule and reports therein
  • If a building has been declared unfit to reside in or decrepit, then dilapidation status reports are also generated.
  • All owner-builder insurance reports.
  • Property value and depreciation reports about its current market value.
  • If required, 3D surveys of the building are undertaken along with video and photo protection reports.
  • Any type of safety and maintenance audit reports.
Sydney Property Inspections

For any Sydney property inspections or evaluations, call us on 0438205208.