The services offered by LINKOM Pty Ltd

Are you seeking end-to-end home building services and also new home builders in the roundabouts of the Sydney CBD and also surrounding suburbs? Do you want LINKOM Pty Ltd to guide and join you in your journey to build a new home? Then you have come to the right place, you don’t have to look beyond our company LINKOM Pty Ltd in your homebuilding journey.

And if you want to understand the services that we offer in this regard, or if you want to understand our services a little better, the same is listed below:

We help build homes like:

  • Newly built homes
  • Home building and land developments
  • Knockdown old buildings and build afresh
  • Custom built homes
  • Completed, already built homes on sale
  • Town homes, Home developments, and Terrace homes
  • Single storey homes
  • Double storey homes
  • Dual occupancy homes
  • Duplex homes

New Home Builders

If you want to venture into the exciting experience of building a new home, then we at LINKOM Pty Ltd will help you completely Starting with:

  • Understanding your needs and requirements
  • Your long-term goals and wishes
  • And then we go on board guiding you every step of the way
  • Finalising the area or land where you want your house built
  • Creating a plan and design and helping you choose the design
  • Getting all the requisite approvals for building plans from the regulatory board or Council
  • Following building norms and prescribed guidelines
  • And we then embark on the actual construction which entails, the different stages of the actual construction process, the interiors, exteriors, detailing, completion and handover of the home to the customer