About Us

When you seek a construction company who are specialists in Building, Home Building and other related services in the Sydney roundabouts, then as is natural, you would look for a recognized, experienced, and inventive construction company who are fresh, zestful and pioneering. And the company that could catch your attention at one go, would be the LINKOM Pty Ltd.

We are a reputable and novel construction company who has our firm set of ideologies wherein we follow certain set, in-house practices and policies and which is clearly reflective in our working and project offerings.

And effectively, before the start of any project, we engage in comprehensive project planning, and we make ourselves accountable on all counts for all aspects of the work, follow a critical set of measures and effective construction planning and controls are in place so as to deliver high quality work which includes home building, infrastructure projects and construction within the said timeframe and meeting budget expectations.

Our workforce and team members come armed with the expertise and experience to undertake any of the services we render. And it is this very knowledge and knowhow that come to our aid and help us devise newer approaches and methodologies for certain seemingly difficult projects.

We offer constructive, and an encouraging working milieu for our staff members. And this we believe encourages idea sharing and betters productivity. We engage with the client extensively so as to understand their requisites so as to deliver the undertaken project that definitely supersedes expectations.

So what is LINKOM Pty Ltd all about?

Inventive and immaculate managerial proficiency

  • Dedicated and a zealous attitude towards all work undertaken
  • Direct, transparent and comprehensible communications with all
  • Originality and skilfulness in project plan implementation

Our Values

It is our inherent values that have helped LINKOM scale this far and grow to be a leader in our area of work.


Our team is insightful, have a deep understanding of client requirements so as to make sure the best conclusions for any job at hand.


It is our team work; mutual support and respect that has helped us orchestrate many a project with absolute efficiency, focus and commitment.


We believe that when we engage with a client, we forge a relationship and it is a lifelong and long-lasting business relationship, hence to honour the same, we offer the best in line service and commitment.

Have we caught your attention? If you want to know more or to address queries, call us on +61438205208 or email us at samir8@the8construction.com.au